up to the clear skies

Prior to (our) Big Day, many things and details have been fine-tuned on several levels: with the ministries, juries and Banská Bystrica. The situation has thoroughly tested the ability to adapt to the conditions not only content wise but also from a technical perspective.

During this pre-selection phase, we had to meet several deadlines prior to the final questioning; this also concerned the presentation. All of the candidates were given the opportunity to prepare the presentation in advance; however, the jury saw it for the first time during the meeting.

We have experienced freezing cold, warm sunshine and fresh snowfall while filming. Despite that, we were full of optimism and kept smiling the whole time. We have visited interesting locations, some team members had to fight their fears and … we (almost) reached the stars.

Where do we aim with the Cultural Mining – FROM THE GROUND OF CULTURE TO THE CLEAR SKIES.

The evaluation and shortlisting is around the corner.

Keep the fingers crossed!