how are we doing?

HOW are we doing?

We are preparing for Online presentation as well as discussion.

We all are in expectations of how our defense will proceed. A 60-minute discussion with an 11-members jury is ahead of us. Our Cultural Mining concept will be introduced to the Evaluation Committee in half an hour presentation before the question round. We will be the first of all candidates to meet the committee "face to face" (Banska Bystrica is the first in the alphabetical order).

So what it's about the Cultural Mining? We will publish the Bid Book next week! It has been submitted on December 14, 2020.

This 60 pages Bid Book, presentation and discussion with the jury are mandatory parts of this pre-selection stage. This follows the EU guidelines for the preparation of our Candidacy. We are in the pre-selection phase with another seven Slovak cities and three of them will qualify to the next phase. Several Finnish candidates are applying for the ECOC title for 2026 at the same time.

So ... It has been a good ride so far. After months of preparations we are ready for at least next 6 years and even longer!

Fingers crossed!