about us

An active team of skilled people with expertise in different areas of culture stands behind the idea and vision of promoting culture in the Banská Bystrica region. They have been brought together by the desire to revive and enhance the cultural life in our city, and decided to put their expertise in use in the Banská Bystrica ECoC 2026 project.

In the past, Banská Bystrica was a centre of happenings – it connected different worlds, cultures and people. A few years ago, we were the very first Slovak city to apply for the ECoC title. We were not successful at the time, but we did not give up. Our city has what it takes and we want to expand. We are pursuing the title again!

We believe in our culture and the variety of opportunities it holds. We believe that Banská Bystrica can become the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

the bid book and project team

Juraj Oravec

Ľubica Gombalová

Adriána Cieślaková

Miroslav Lánik

Ľudmila Elexová

Marek Polomský

Filip Lehotský

Miroslava Jančová

Lýdia Baranová

Zuzana Chrenková Srncová

Zuzana Kohútová

Tomáš Pastorok

Monika Halmiová