Banská Bystrica Kandidát na ehmk 2026
Banská Bystrica Kandidát na ehmk 2026

from the ground of culture to the

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Banská Bystrica Kandidát na ehmk 2026


01 / history

The 35-year tradition of celebrating culture and diversity in Europe returns to Slovakia. 

For the first time in 2013, the European Capital of Culture title was awarded to a Slovak city,


02 / present

Through the ECOC Initiative, the European Union has helped kickstart the cultural life, connect communities, promote tourism, improve the infrastructure, enhance the image of the city, and improve the quality of life in many European cities. This time, eight Slovak and 3 Finnish cities are applying for the title. Let’s use this opportunity and make use of our potential – through culture, we can expand to the whole Europe.

03 / future

In 2026, one Slovak and one Finnish city will be honoured by the prestigious ECoC title. The main goal of the ECoC project is not just to celebrate European cultural diversity, but also to bring all European nations closer together through mutual understanding and tolerance.

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the project

ehmk banská bystrica 2026

17 December 2019

The ECoC 2026 call was published by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

15 December 2020

Deadline for submitting the first version of the bid book (pre-selection).

February 2021

Presentation of the Banská Bystrica ECoC 2026. Pre-selection of candidates for the 2nd bid.

ehmk banská bystrica 2026

August 2021

Deadline for submitting an updated version of the bid book (2nd bid).

September 2021

The shortlisted ECoC cities will be visited by the selection committee.

September – November 2021

Presentation of the shortlisted ECoC 2026 projects. Final selection.

ehmk banská bystrica 2026

December 2021

Appointment of the European Capital of Culture. 

2022 – 2025

Development, preparation and implementation of the ECoC projects.


ECoC 2026.

Banská Bystrica Kandidát na ehmk 2026


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ehmk banská bystrica 2026
ehmk banská bystrica 2026